Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fanatical snacking

Popcorn. Who knew?

See, I have kind of a mixed history with popcorn. I practically lived on it in college - not being fond of the ramen packet, I was drawn to microwave popcorn for its ease. Then I learned that the fake butter was causing fucking LUNG CANCER in factory workers, so I swore off the stuff. The movie theater variety is good, but I don't go to the theater much and it's ridiculously bad for you. Plus, the fake butter again - tastes good, yet causes limbs to fall off at random.

I thought I'd found the answer when Josh and I got married: we registered for and received a hot air popper from a coworker of mine. Unfortunately, it turns out that air-popped popcorn tastes like somehow less appetizing corrugated cardboard. Even if you put real butter on it, the stuff is entirely unappetizing. So for the last 2 1/2 years, I thought I had to live without popcorn.

Then there was Kendall. Back in September, she sent me a care package that included chocolate and vanilla kettle corn from Lesser Evil. Oh, it was so good - and let me say that I had until then been a salt, butter and/or cheese purist. No sweet popcorn - I didn't know how wrong I had been.

ANYWAY. Two nights ago I decided to bite the bullet and try making popcorn at home, the old fashioned way: put oil in pot, add kernels, heat until popped.

Sweet mother of taste buds, that stuff is good.

So good that I referred to it on Facebook, and got TWO comments from people I don't usually chat with - fellow popcorn aficionados, it turns out. It got me to wondering:

What is your favorite way to have popcorn? Popping method, toppings, circumstances? Do you prefer to buy it ready-made, or homebrew? Just writing this is making me hungry - I think I'll make some more right now.


Otenth Paderborn said...

Homemade, definitely. Heavy pot, vegetable oil, yellow kernels. Melt butter in separate small container. Salt and then sometimes chili or a spice mix, sometimes parmesan cheese. I always make as much as the pot will hold (sometimes more!). And then I eat it all, sitting on the couch with a napkins spread across my chest.


EmilySullins said...

I'm going to try parmesan cheese - and the couch thing, with napkins spread on the chest? I didn't know there was any other way.

Nika Jo said...

I don't know if you like hot popcorn or not - but I eat this all the time. While cooking in a heavy pot on the stove, cut up one dried chili pepper or jalepeno pepper to cook with the popcorn. Then, I add LOTS OF pepperoncinis and parmesan and a little salt. This is the PERFECT popcorn EVERYTIME... Also, ever heard the spice Genkin's seasoning? This is FANTASTIC on popcorn. I am an addict as well :). I don't leave a lot of comments on blogs, but I follow your blog to keep up with what is happening in your and Josh's life, and couldn't help but comment on the popcorn post :)) xxoo

Nika Jo said...

man, sorry - forgot one thing. You have got to have olive oil so it all sticks together - and while you are seasoning your popcorn, you have to do a layer method so the parmesan and peperoncinis stick to the olive oil. It is all very technical ;) haha.

Bethanyivy said...

You will love Tokyo Disney. The big snack there is popcorn. It is in every section in the park in a different flavor, going with the theme of that section. Sea Salt, Pepper, honey, curry, chocolate, strawberry (my favorite), and I'm sure so many more that we missed.