Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had to say goodbye to Irish and Steve tonight. This SUCKS! It's a necessary part of Navy life though; someone is always coming or going. We've known them for a couple months now and we are lucky that they're moving to a place where we'll be sure to visit soon.

Here's Irish with her latest project - a cabled wool scarf made of beautiful variegated handspun yarn. She's a natural.

We'd been planning to have them over for dinner last weekend, but Josh got the flu and was laid up the whole time. Luckily, Josh got better after a few days laid up on the couch. Steve and Irish found time to come tonight, despite their busy packout and moving schedule, so I made it worth their while with shrimp and grits, roasted green beans, and six minute chocolate cake. The latter is a recipe from Moosewood Restaurant, and in lieu of frosting it has a dark chocolate candy glaze. The meal was delicious, and the company can't be beat.

Seriously, we love these guys. They are great company, funny, smart, and we talked about everything from politics and the recent election to fiber arts, all with good humor all around.

Meeting and then saying goodbye to new friends here in Japan is wonderful, and of course it reminds me just how much I miss everyone back in the states. COME VISIT - I promise the food will be delicious.

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