Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

There's something about this true American holiday that I love, something about a holiday celebrating gratitude that gets to me in a true-blue, Bruce Springsteen kind of way. It really moves me, gathering with family and friends in gratitude.

Or maybe it's the food. This year we had a real feast. Traditional herb stuffing, plus stuffing with roasted red peppers, pine nuts, Kalamata olives and dried cranberries. Spicy green beans, vinegar Brussels sprouts, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Organic cranberry jelly. Sonoma valley pinot noir. And the Poppinses brought a delicious turkey - Nadine says it was her first time making turkey, but I don't believe her. It was too good.

Quite a spread, isn't it? The five of us made quite a dent in the food. That's five: Nadine, John, our neighbor Chikako, Josh, and me. Here's the parade of photos, with baby:

Justine was a delight, as usual - she smiled and cooed and babbled through dinner, and I think I detected some frustration from her about being too young to eat any of the food. We were lucky to have Chikako visiting, and she was a trooper - she ate the big Thanksgiving meal and then went to teach English all afternoon! It was sad to see her go.

So now we've had our meal and our pie, our friends have gone home, and I am POOPED. Josh cleaned up and we've got food for a week - I love Thanksgiving. Best wishes to you and yours.


Nantucket Washashore (aka Linda Sonnonstine) said...

Emily...Wow, what a Thanksgiving table! Craig is working away in the kitchen. The big news here on the island is that Joe Biden and family arrived for their 33rd annual Thanksgiving celebration here on Nantucket. He came over on the Hy-line ferry yesterday with the normal folks! I'm looking forward to spending time with OC UU friends in California, yes. All the best from Craig and myself!

Nadine said...

gee what happened to my face on that picture?? :) thank you so much for having us over, everything was great.. :) have a nice weekend!

ack4me said...

Emily lives around the globe in Japan,
For more than her supply of Kikkoman
We enjoy reading your blog,
it helps clear the island fog,
Seems a long way to go for a sushi-fan

EmilySullins said...

My friends are now reading my site!
While their island is blanketed white
It's so nice to hear
From UUs not so near
Will they visit me? Who knows, they might!

cSquared said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful that I have friends as wonderful as you and Josh!!