Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wait, more pie?!!

Yep! The day after Thanksgiving is the only one of the whole year when I have mashed potatoes in the house, and I like to take advantage by making vegan shepherd's pie. It's a great recipe - a lentil and carrot base with a sun-dried tomato gravy, topped with the potatoes and some paprika. YUM!
Anybody know how to stencil a heart using a cookie cutter? Cause I ended up with that.

On the side we had another winner - leftover broccoli stalk kinpira, recipe from That one was so good that we ate it too quickly for a picture.

Alas, we also polished off the rest of the Thanksgiving pies tonight, and are now in the depths of despair that come with knowing it's 362 days until the next pies. We are both feeling better physically though, so that's something.

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