Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad blogger, good table

I know! I have been a bad, bad blogger, going days without updates and posting highly charged, heavy and serious videos at midnight. I'll flagellate myself with a mouse cable just after I finish telling you about our NEW TABLE!
I love this table. It's made of mango tree wood, solid throughout, seats six and came with six matching chairs. Josh and I headed to the middle school on base on Saturday to check out a mini-bazaar, and we found a bunch of pieces, but this set was a real find. It was less than our $500 target, even!
We got it delivered and assembled today, after initially trying to put it together using only the little interior hexagonal screw-tightener-doomerbobbers and then realizing that we needed SCREWS. Oh. Right. Luckily the dealer was still on base, so I fetched them. Arf!

And now, in penance for being such a bad blogger, I present you:

(imagine the opening bars of "Let's Get it On")
Beow beow beow BEOW
I been really tryin', baby
Tryin' to hold back this feeling, for so long
But if YOU feel like I feel, SUGA!
Come on, HEY, come on...
For real, those are some gorgeous cupcakes, no?! I'm going to frost them in the morning - Nadine, if you're checking this before 2pm, we're having these for dessert tomorrow at the Josh and Emily's inaugural New Table Dinner. Yum!

Couple of notes: I love orchids - they were our wedding flowers, and orchid blossoms have made me smile ever since. And that pretty sea glass-looking vase in the background? Gift from my college roomie, Carrie the Burninator. YOU RULE. Oh, and I got the cupcake recipe from a free video on America's Test Kitchen's website. Hope they taste as good as they look.


Nadine said...

yééé! I can't wait to taste them! :)

Nadine said...

hey I was so absorbed by the cupcakes that I forgot to say that I like your table! see you later!

cSquared said...

Table. What table? I want a cupcake!! Just kidding! I love the table. It's beautiful! :)