Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reach out and touch

I've been so out of touch! I just found these great photos from November SECOND, which I never posted - the election threw me. How did the world keep turning, without access to the minutiae of my life?

Josh and the rest of the band have played two gigs at Mikasa park this month, one of which I attended. Nov. 2 was some festival or another, and the big band played a couple sets. This park is right next to base and features the century-old Japanese battleship Mikasa, now preserved as a museum. The park also has gorgeous fountains like the one above, and it's just a really pretty, picturesque spot.

The guys played in a halfshell, for a standing-room outdoor audience. Nadine, the baby and I watched from stage right, near the sound booth. I rode my bike there that day - this autumn weather is incredible.

Once the set was over, Josh had to wait around for a couple hours before they could drive the equipment back to base, so we explored the park and the vendors. There was free sashimi for the band (and the spouses!) plus yummy festival food which, here, means grilled salty chicken on a stick. Look out, or you'll get an extra special one - all skin.

Moving on to the pretty:

Josh liked the fountains.

Aaand for some reason, there was a green and white cow.

The second gig at Mikasa Park was this weekend when, as you'll recall, my back was being a total douchebag. I had to miss it - and I am mad, because the brass band played. Josh is the unit leader of that group, which plays Dixieland music, and they are a ton of fun. RATS.

In food news, I made a hybrid of Kenneth and Nika's popcorn recipes from yesterday's comments tonight, and YUM. I heated olive oil with cumin, granulated garlic, and crushed red pepper, popped the kernels in it, and then added shaved Parmesan and salt to the popped corn, which was delicious. I think tomorrow I'll try a sweet variety, with vanilla sugar and honey.

We've had homemade pizza for dinner two nights in a row - homemade whole wheat crust and garlic oil last night, spicy tomato sauce tonight. Life is good.


Nadine said...

wow, maybe I will also try Kenneth and Nika's popcorn recipe.. may I? :)

babyjenks said...

truffle salt is pretty damn good on top of buttered popcorn. another good one is a little bit of hot sauce, a squeeze of lime and parmesan (kind of like the street corn sold in mexico but popcorn style).

EmilySullins said...

Truffle salt! You are CLASSIN' UP the popcorn, madame. I love it!

babyjenks said...

what can i say, i'm a classy lady...(ha!)