Friday, November 21, 2008

The goods

Remember that back pain? Yeah, that's gone now, hallelujah. AND I babysat Baby Poppins again this week, and she smiled THREE TIMES and refrained from crying for TWENTY MINUTES. We are making PROGRESS, people! How is it possible that that baby is a joy, even when she's screaming?

Oh wait, I remember:
She likes sushi. And there's teh Qte.

ANYWAY. That back pain kept me home in bed all day last Saturday, when Josh and the band were doing another concert at Mikasa Park. Oh, I was so bummed to miss it. But the park has no parking, so I would've either had to park and walk for 20 minutes (which is hard enough for me, even without back pain) or ride my bike there, 20 minutes away. Not happening. While I was laid up, Josh was KICKING ASS for the Japanese!

Josh is unit leader of the Brass Band, a Dixieland ensemble. The group is so much fun! They get a lot of leeway to play the music they want, and to play around for the audience. Without further ado, I give you...the goods.

Isn't that GREAT?! I love Josh's slide - that's physical, not musical - at 2:25, and of course his opening solo (with the boss fanning him; my husband the hot trumpet player!). I wish I could embed the video Nadine took of the song "Funky Liza," which features the clarinet player, who is Japanese-American, singing "Ain't nobody funky like me."

The brass band is hilarious, they sound and look fantastic, and that's Mr. Takes Tokyo running the show. Is there a color for proud? Like green for envy, or blue for sad? Cause I'm it.

I'm mauve with pride.


Bethanyivy said...

He did kick booty. That was the most fun show I have ever been to. I loved it. I'm so sorry you missed it. Hopefully they will play another public gig like it soon (although this was the firstI've seen).

EmilySullins said...

Thanks Beth! I'm glad you were there to enjoy the show - and I'm with you. I hope there are many more.

clembo said...

Josh rocks! Thanks for including this - it's great to see Josh at work.
Missing you.

Melanie said...

Wow, how awesome!! They are incredible. I rewound and played Josh's slide a few times, I like that part too. What fun! Sorry you missed it. I hope there is another performance soon you can go to.

Nantucket Washashore (aka Linda Sonnonstine) said...

Emily...Just reviewed your wonderfully interesting blog about your new life overseas. Craig and I both send our best from Nantucket, where it's 24 degrees! Looking forward to keeping in touch. All the best...