Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pie Day!

Happy Pie Day, everybody!

You DO know that the day before Thanksgiving is Pie Day, don't you? That national holiday characterized by rushing home from work early to bake the pies for the next day? I LOVE pie day.

So this year, sans work, I got started early and made two crusts at 9:00 this morning. They chilled in the fridge while I zipped out to grab a few last-minute ingredients, most of which are sold out. It's six pm now, there's one pie in the oven and all the ingredients are on hand. I'll post pictures later.

What are you baking?

UPDATE: As promised, the pics.

First of all, here's one of the crusts in its adolescence. This one is for the pumpkin pie - it baked with weights (i.e. beans) for a half hour before I added the custard.Another half hour later, here's what came out!
Mmmm...right?! I can't WAIT for tomorrow. Let's just say that spiced bourbon whipped cream will be involved.

Oh, but can I say how frustrated I am about the fluting? Look at the unbaked crust - gorgeous fluted edge, right?! But once it's baked, it goes all floofy. Tips would be appreciated.

For our second act, we present the best pie of all time: sour cream apple. Have you ever tried it? Oh my god, it's so good. It's like apple pie with candy custard in between the apple slices, and a streusel topping. I love it.

See the little one in a Pyrex bowl, next to the biggie?

We call that one dinner.


clembo said...

You are brilliant! and you bake beautiful pies.
Have a happy Thanksgiving, from yo mama and daddy.

Bob said...

Wow; you obviously got the pie gene from your Mom! They're gorgeous.

I just saw the brass band video too. Great performance Josh!