Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I miss about the U.S., which cannot be shipped to Japan, excluding friends and family

1. A job market
2. Universities
3. Wide lanes on the highway
4. More than one radio station in English
5. Being able to read signs, menus, pamphlets, junk mail, coupons, utility bills, food packaging, love letters and hate mail, newspapers, web sites.
6. International Pocket Cafe in Middletown, RI
7. Having a choice of goddamned freaking grocery stores, all of which actually stock their shelves and don't run out of things like CORNMEAL and LEMON JUICE
8. My friends and family (sorry. couldn't help it.)


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's a hard list. But!

"4. More than one radio station in English"

Oh, Muffin! Japan has more (and faster) internet connectivity than just about anywhere on earth (except maybe Korea). There are radio stations on teh intarweebs! No lie!

And even commercial American radio stations, not just bootleg ones like I DJ for: (couldn't resist the plug).

If you have iTunes, they have an okay selection. But if you locate radio station urls, you can listen to them in iTunes by picking "open stream" in one of the drop-down menus. I don't know how it works in other players or on PCs.

And I know there are Americans who do editing in other countries for an American audience, but who aren't translators, but I don't know how they get the work.


EmilySullins said...

Thanks pumpkin! I love internet radio; couldn't live without's 24 hour program stream. Unfortunately I can't get it in my car, which doesn't have an iPod dock either. I need to get a cassette iPod adapter so I can listen to podcasts and the like.

When are you on that site? I wanna hear!

Anonymous said...

Let's see now. I'm doing a 2-hour DJ gig Sunday 1-3am your time, which will be, oh, I don't know what kind of music, and then Sunday 7-9am your time I'll be playing renaissance and medieval. (I believe you are 14 hours ahead of me. Hello tomorrow afternoon!) I'll keep you updated on future gigs.