Friday, November 14, 2008


Ever had boring old intermittent lower back pain? I have. It's cool when it coincides with the purchase of a giant teevee, but the pain part still sucks.

I've had this for a couple years - every few months I'll get some major aches in my lower back, which cause me to walk like Frankenstein and complain a lot. I usually notice it when I wake up one morning, at which point I start doing cat/cow next to the bed for a few minutes.

Okay, that is not what it sounds like. Click here.

It usually doesn't help though, unlike regular, intense yoga classes. I was attending in Newport but I haven't started here, which is, as they say, my own damn fault. Think I'll learn someday? Stay tuned for next week, folks.

So now is one of those outbreaks, which unfortunately appeared the very morning of a momentous day: Baby Poppinses first ever babysitter! Can you guess who it was? Canya?
It was ME! I met Nadine on base and loaded zee babee into my car, hugged a tearful Mama goodbye with assurances that we'd have a great time, and headed back to Casa de Sullins.

Yeah, the baby cried.

And cried and cried and cried. She wasn't hurting or anything, just scared and confused by the strange surroundings and no Mama anywhere! Nowhere! Just that lady who makes funny faces but has no sweet songs in French to soothe her. Let me tell you, I felt like crying too, especially when walking around and bouncing the baby (through the back pain) didn't do any good to comfort that sweet girl. Naturally, ten minutes before Nadine arrived, Justine fell fast asleep on my chest and was the picture of grace and calm when her mother walked in. Good girl!

We'll try again soon, perhaps at Casa de Poppins, where the baby will be more comfortable. For now I'm on the couch with a heating pad (which belongs to Nadine, incidentally) and some Advil, waiting for Josh to get home. I am a party ANIMAL.

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babyjenks said...

ah, i have that pain sometimes when i wake up. most mornings it's small pain, but every once in a while it wakes me up at 3am and won't let go. those are the rare mornings i crawl out of bed and have to lie on the wood floor to get it to ease up a bit. it sucks and i'm sorry you have to go through it too. :(

well, good job with the baby! keep up the cry fest days.