Thursday, October 30, 2008

The fight of our lives

It's really late here, about midnight, and I wasn't going to post today. I'm suffering from major election fatigue, and I'm thousands of miles away! Like most people, I am ready for this to be over.

But then I saw this video.

I posted earlier this month about my two miscarriages, two much wanted pregnancies that ended just as they were beginning. My desire to be a mother, and the difficulties I've faced along the way, have influenced my intention to vote for candidates who support universal healthcare and reproductive choice. These particular stories about mothers whose desire to give birth safely, only to find themselves up against so-called "pro-life" laws, shocked me to the core.

Laws that give personhood to a fetus could have sent me to trial for murder. Any woman who has a glass of wine during pregnancy, or a cup of coffee, or who misses a prenatal vitamin or goes jogging, for heaven's sake - and then has a miscarriage - is at risk of criminal charges under these laws. Who knows? Maybe not eating a diet sanctioned by the Health Department counts, or getting pregnant later in life and delivering a baby with a disability. Once a fetus has "personhood" in the eyes of the law, its mother ceases to.

Oppose fetal personhood laws. Don't criminalize miscarriage.

Vote for Barack Obama.


Nadine said...

this is unbelievable! how can people think this way. weird weird weird.

Bethanyivy said...

WoW! That is so sad. I do totally believe that a baby is a baby from conception, and I am against willfully ending a pregnancy except in the case of the health of mommy and/or baby (there are so many ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy). I am for the rights of a mommy to make an educated decision as to what is best for her and her baby. I am all for midwives!