Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All grown up

So I can't remember if I've mentioned here before about Josh and money. Have I? Be sure to let me know. In any case, Joshua, my dear husband, has in the past displayed a teensy inclination to freak the fuck out over spending money on things. An incident involving a $4 hunk of goat cheese (whose purchase prompted a soliloquey about retirement savings) comes to mind, but I digress. Frugal, he can be. To the point of ridiculousness.

A note about me: I'm pretty frugal too. I'm a bargain shopper (especially now that I don't have, you know, a job) and I don't buy for the label - my purse is a clearance find from REI and my shoes are from Reny's in Bath, Maine. But I suppose that compared to Josh, I shop like Carrie Bradshaw. "That's right, I bought the Planters' brand name peanuts, even though they weren't on sale! SOMEBODY STOP ME."

Imagine my surprise then when yesterday I mentioned that I'd found a decent table online at Ikea and wanted to go pick it up this week. We don't have a dining table and have been eating on our laps on the couch, and we are both tired of it, especially considering the view from the dining room.

Enter Ikea: the only place I know of in Japan where you can find a decent-looking table for $129. I showed him the picture and said offhand that it is particleboard, but whatever, it looks good. And then he, Josh, my husband, said:

"I'm kind of tired of buying cheap crap that just has to be replaced in a couple years. We're adults now and we don't have to shop at Ikea - let's spend $500 on something we love that will last us a while."


Well, it took awhile for me to clean up the puddle from my fifteen minutes of shocked, incredulous drooling, but once I regained consciousness and mopped the floor, I calmly expressed surprise at his change of tune.

Internet, our boy is-

well, you know.

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