Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stupid Good: Dulce de Leche

It's time for our first installment of Stupid Good, the column in which I chronicle the latest best thing going. For its inaugural, I present to you:
Haagen Dazs Extra Rich Light Dulce de Leche ice cream!

Dude, this stuff is stupid good. It's a rich vanilla ice cream with a ripple of caramel running through it like a beam of gold through a diamond mine. It's sold in an impossibly small (like the image above) pint, which has been known (in our house) to spontaneously empty itself after we've only had afewbitesIswearwherediditgo??!?

I usually avoid super-sweet ice cream, but this one is everything I want it to be and more. We were enjoying a bit last night when I asked Josh whether I should put it away, or we should just eat it all. His response?

"Let's just say...don't put it away."

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