Thursday, October 23, 2008

Looking the part

Back in early October, Josh and I went to an on-base bazaar that happens once a year. It's quite something, actually - dozens of vendors show up and take over a huge gym and every floor of a five-story parking garage, selling everything from furniture to towels, Japanese antiques and cheap trinkets from China. It's basically a flea market, but a nice one.

We were unsuccessful in our furniture hunt, sad to say - there were some really nice pieces just outside our price range, and a couple things we would've bought that someone else nabbed first. We did get lucky and find a couple of Christmas gifts, though, and some things for the house.

And kimonos! This was so much fun. We tried on a couple ensembles apiece, and settled on the ones we liked best. Neither of these is heirloom quality or anything, and mine is used, but they were so beautiful that we didn't care. Here they are:

Cute, no?

That happened to be the day on which we'd scheduled dinner with our great neighbors, and they mentioned how funny it was that Americans come here and buy all kinds of things that Japanese people would never have. Kimonos hanging on the wall, for example, and this piece of furniture called a step tansu. Good for Americans to prove they've lived in Japan, but not for Japanese people - who generally want American style furniture.

We mentioned the kimonos, and she asked when we were going to wear them - and we realized we had no idea! OOPS. She suggested "when you get out of the shower?" and I had to laugh.

We still haven't worn the damn things, except to show people on Skype video chats. But whenever we want to look the part, we can - the part of silly Americans in Japan, that is.


clembo said...

Nice toches! I notice we didn't have a picture of YOU from the back...


babyjenks said...

i love step tansus. i'm sad they don't really use them in japan! i think they're so cool looking and useful too! i'm a design geek, i know. great kimonos, you can wear them to dinner at your neighbors next time you go!