Monday, October 13, 2008

The next two words I need to learn

are "wrong" and "number." Important ones to learn, I think. Here's why:

Josh went to bed early last night, as usual, and I stayed up reading and poking around on the Internet. Around 11 I headed to bed, leaving my cell phone near the bed with its alarm set. I had a hard time getting to sleep, but at 11:50 the smell of the tatami mats and the sound of Josh's deep breathing finally began to work. Slumber took eyelids got heavy...I began to drift off...

"Gomen nasai*, wakarimasen.** I only speak English and you have the wrong number."


So once I peeled myself off the ceiling and my heart stopped its valiant attempts to leap from my chest, land on Josh's face, and use its ventricles to strangle him for being able to sleep through that, I started to calm down again. I was just drifting off when it happened AGAIN.

That's right, another call from the same number, 20 minutes later, only it was a woman's voice this time. We repeated our delightful little exchange, with more of my words being in ANGRY CAPITAL LETTERS this time, as though yelling would make my English instantly turn into Japanese. It's true - in my freaked out, sleepy state, I somehow thought she'd be able to understand YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!! I DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE. better than "you have the wrong number. I don't speak Japanese."


SOOO I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. After the second call I was wrecked and left Josh to peacefully slumber in our bed - for real, who can sleep like that?! I'm so jealous - and headed back up to the couch for more internet and chatting with Mom. I was wiped out and cranky today, and it's almost 10pm now so I'm going to go.

Remind me to tell you about our awesome day in Chinatown, ok?

*Gomen nasai = I'm sorry.
**Wakarimasen = I don't understand.

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