Friday, October 17, 2008

Your turn

Where my comments at, people?!! I publish ONE lousy miscarriage post, and all my peeps disappear. I'll make it all yucky crackers and pretty pictures from now on, promise*. :)

So this one is on you. Leave a joke, tell me what you're up to, suggest a topic for me to write about next...Christ, just insult me in the comments. I can take it.

If you're having trouble signing in to comments, email me (emilymsullins AT gmail DOT com) and I'll help you out.

*I am a liar.


Anonymous said...

I was really touched by the "miscarriage post", and hope you will continue to share bits of your whole life. It is hard to try to figure out what to say in blog comments that won't sound horribly trite and shallow, but next time I'll just go ahead and go for trite and shallow!

My friend Barbara talked about how when she visited Japan (on peace walks), the food was fine except for breakfast. Somehow she couldn't take a bowl of rice with little dried fish on top, with their beady little eyes looking up at her, first thing in the morning. She decided that breakfast must be the most culturally-shaped meal and the one we most hold on to.



EmilySullins said...

You are a QUICK ONE, sir! Thanks for the comment.

I don't think we've had Japanese breakfast yet - the dried fish are a little intimidating anyway, and I don't think I could get into it before my coffee.

GOD, there had better be coffee.

clembo said...

Love your blog! As always...

My new favorite salad: spinach, sliced green grapes, mexican white cheese, homemade vinaigrette with fresh herbs.

Knitting Xmas presents.

Looking forward to Barbara's visit!

Love you. XXXPPP

Melanie said...

Since I stop at so many gas stations on the road to take advantage of bathrooms, I am trying this new thing, for me, but more for Tony (since he gets the excitement of waiting in the car for me) where I have to buy a scratch off ticket as a fee to use the bathroom. I'll let you know when my Crohn's makes us win it big. Maybe you should start a fee system, where we have to leave a comment when we read something. I love it, I think I check the blog more than email. Loved skyping with you yesterday. Going to see Hang tomorrow in Santa Cruz. Made potato tacos tonight, so good. Love you. Good night. Good morning.

babyjenks said...

jeez! all right already! i'll comment! and though i didn't comment on the afore mentioned "miscarriage post", i do want to say thank you for sharing with us. your posts do not go out into cyperspace un-noted. i thought it was moving and touching and i wished i could give you a hug. so here's a *hug*

as for kenneth's comment about breakfast: i haven't been to japan, but when i was in the philippines, i ate fish and rice for breakfast all the time with fruit on the side. i didn't mind, but i've always been a big savory breakfast person anyways so maybe that's why it didn't bother me. i thought it quite delicious actually. but you are right that it doesn't go with coffee. better with tea.

back to work. keep writing. and let me know what you would want in a package, i have an idea of a few things i want to send....


EmilySullins said...

Hey, you guys are great. Mel, I hope your intestinal distress leads to a windfall! Perhaps the price of a trip to Japan?

Mom, make me a salad. Yum.

And Sabe, thanks for the hug. Maybe some day I'll catch up to your worldliness with the fish breakfasts and tea and whatnot...maybe.