Monday, September 29, 2008

It's the stuff that counts

I mean, if you're thinking about sending me a care package, how would I know? It's the stuff that really gets the job done. :)

I have gotten some great mail since we arrived here! There was the darkness and light package from my mom, some much-appreciated letters and cards from Jess, Grammy and Pappy, and my Tnellecxe Tnua Arabrab (she knows who she is). Then last week I got another surprise - a big box from my friend Kendall, artist extrordinaire. I was going to wait to post about it until I had pictures, but I cannot hold back any longer.

Kendall sent me two books, one of which I've forgotten the name of(Grammar! It's not for everyone to learn it good!) and the other of which is I was Told There'd be Cake. Also in the box was a couple skeins of yarn, always a big winner with me, a card, and a big bag of black and white kettle corn from Lesser Evil Snacks. This company is great - check out their site. Even Josh succumbed to temptation, by which I mean he stole it and ate half when I wasn't looking. Health nut, my foot.

But best of all in the Kendall Box was tucked away in the bottom - three original pieces of art, about postcard sized, to hang on my wall. You see, I was smart enough in college to hang out with the art and music crowd, despite posessing no artistic talent and thus selling out into a Public Affairs major. (And yet I'm the one with no job now. Karma.) Many of my friends are incredible artists, and I am a grateful mooch. So thank you, Dirty Monster, for the delicious/beautiful/fuzzy/enlightening/entertaining care package. You rule!

Around the same time that the box arrived, Christie asked what we'd like in future care packages. I asked Josh, and he replied "Anything from Trader Joe's*!" If you don't live in the D.C. area, Boston, or on the West Coast, it's likely you haven't experienced Trader Joe's, you poor dear. Our choice of venue for retirement will be heavily influenced by proximity to the TJ.

Also too, we have had trouble finding all-natural, hypoallergenic soap here (since we can't yet read Japanese), and good espresso beans are always a hit with Josh and me. But mostly, we want to hear from our friends and family and get the scoop on what's up back home. We miss you all. So send us a note, and start thinking about what kinds of odd Japanese treats you want for Christmas. Tnua Arabrab, yours will most certainly have suckers on it.

I don't want to jinx it, but I'm told we will have Internet access at home THIS WEEK. Look for streamers and confetti soon.

*Yes, he speaks in hyperlinks. What of it?

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Christie said...

TJ is right down the street. Well, sort of:) It's in Kirkland, I found it the other day. Thanks for the hint about the care package because let's face it, you guys eat weird stuff and buy weird stuff, and I mean "weird" in all of it's best connotations. I just want to make sure I send things that will truly make your day. I miss you guys. Your buddy,