Sunday, September 7, 2008


Great galloping stilettos, Batman! We've had an afternoon. Today was the American Sounds of Yokosuka (SOY) concert at the Yokosuka Arts Theater. Each year at this time the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra comes here and plays a concert with the Seventh Fleet Navy Band. They ROCKED. And my toozle? Rocked HARD. I, unfortunately, wore high heeled sandals and had to walk a little less than a kilometer to the theater. Ouch.

Meanwhile, back at the concert, a chatty introduction (in Japanese, of course) ensued, after which Lt. Wrenn came on stage with a conductor's baton, but no band. Then a travel spot hit the second balcony - and Josh, in his dress whites. They did a funny schtick where Josh played "When The Saints Go Marching In" incorrectly a couple times, then did a featured solo from the balcony while the Dixieland ensemble backed him up on stage. Check out a clip:

During the second half of the clip, Josh is running down the back staircase to get on stage and trade solos with the other trumpet player. He's so good! He and the big band played a set, then the symphony orchestra took the stage. They played a Leroy Anderson tribute, which was really fun, and a couple other pieces. Eventually a choir, then a children's band joined them on stage, and the Navy Band was interspersed with the orchestra. It was remarkable.

I spent most of the concert in the 'cry room,' which is yet another excellent Japanese innovation. Do we have these in the U.S.? It's a soundproof room behind glass, in the back of the orchestra section. Audio is piped in, and there are folding chairs and tables for parents with small children. That way, they can all watch the show without the babies bothering other patrons. Mary Poppins and another of the band moms and her two kids were in there, so I visited with them.

After the show, Josh got a fancy pen and Subway sandwiches (with shrimp. I know.) and I had sushi with Mary and Baby Poppins. Happy four month birthday, Baby P!

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