Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good day, long day

Emily, Josh respectively.

Joshua has been performing all day, starting with a 6:30am muster for a ceremony and ending sometime later tonight after a dress rehearsal for Sounds of Yokosuka. Sounds of Yokosuka (SOY - how appropriate!) is a joint concert with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, set to take place Sunday evening. I even get to go, woohoo! Poor Josh is all tuckered out, though, and not expected home until after 10:00pm.

I, on the other hand, feel great! I met with Mary Poppins and another of the band members' wives for coffee this morning. Other Wife had to pick up her son fairly early, but Ms. Poppins, her baby girl and I spent the afternoon eating sushi, talking, and shopping for veggies in the basement of Daiei Mall.

Well, come to think of it, the baby couldn't do any of those things. She spent the afternoon being carried, cooing, and pooping. Lucky bug!

I'm off to have a nice long bath, a cup of tea, and a pleasantly quiet evening alone.

UPDATE: Please disregard everything written about poor Josh, above. He waltzed in at 7:30 pm, feeling great.

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Joshua said...

I was up at 0500, worked a nonstop 14 hour day that included an Army troop deployment ceremony at Camp Zama, a big band rehearsal on base, and a solo performance rehearsal at the Yokosuka Performing Arts Center with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. I think I deserve a little sympathy.