Monday, September 22, 2008

She got the moves

Did you know that moving is not the hardest part of moving?

It isn't, truly. The last move we did before Japan was from our abominable apartment in Mansfield, MA (and I'd like to take this opportunity to send a big FUCK YOU to our landlord from there, whose name I can barely keep myself from typing now. I just typed it and deleted it twice. Internet, you wouldn't believe that guy) to our gorgeous, incredible apartment with the wonderful landlord in Newport, RI. That move wasn't so bad, mostly because Josh did it while I was out of town on business. This move was another story.

Our movers were great - they brought 6,000 pounds of our crap in from the truck, in the rain, and never once let their shoes touch the floor. Seriously! In the States you're lucky if the movers wipe their feet before grinding lit cigarettes into your antique rugs, but here they take off their shoes and move the boxes around wearing toe socks.

The movers wear the toe socks, not the boxes. OR SO YOU THINK.

Still, Josh was working all day, so I had to decide where everything went, and communicate that across a fairly distinct language barrier. It was kind of fun at first - Mary and Baby Poppins were there for the morning, and we got excited seeing all of Josh's and my stuff. But by midafternoon, I was a tired gaijin. Josh showed up just in time to capture me at my most alluring.

Ah, the mysteries of the female form.

The only major challenges besides fatigue were the piano and the sofa. The piano fits in the entryway, which is great, but requires professional piano movers. Our sofa would have been fine except that the house is kind of upside down - the kitchen and living room are on the second floor - and the sofa is a big, heavy, gorgeous piece given to us by my parents. (Thanks guys!) It weighs a ton, so the movers told us they'd let the piano movers bring it upstairs.

Over the balcony.

With a crane.

It was unreal! Now everything is in, and we're still trying to dig out from under the paper.

this message brought to you by the Yokosuka Base Library and a lack of internets at home.


clembo said...

Love the photos! If only that couch could talk....
Looking forward to you getting your tubes connected. Tere and Marco leave this AM. Good visit!
Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

If only that couch could talk...? Emily. You are Hilarious. I laugh everytime I read this. Love you.