Sunday, September 21, 2008

Series of tubes

So everything has arrived at our house! Everything, that is, except the series of tubes that brings me to you. Fingers crossed for installation next week.

We have a car! After over a month of searching the lemon lot and finding only, well, lemons, and after weeks of calling about every advertised car on the base, we decided to seek help from a used car dealer. He's a retired American sailor who runs a shop in Japan, and he found us this little gem - I'm thinking of calling her the QE2:

It's a 1996 BMW 328i with 45,000 kilometers or about 20,000 miles. The previous owner took impeccable care of this little baby, and it looks new on the inside. We're still getting used to the vroom-y engine and the turning radius, and we are LOVING the BMW handling. Not bad for under $5,000!

Since we can't call anybody, I'm going to say my hellos here:

Kendall, you RULE! I love the cd, and can't wait to tuck in to the books, yarn, and yummy snacks. Pink Lady is hilarious.

C2 girls: are you there? I think of you all the time, especially when I hear "Sweet Caroline" or wear my beadazzled apron.

Mom and Dad, hi! Miss you, love you, can't wait to talk.

Grammy and Papa, we miss you! Please give our love to Bum and know that we're thinking of you. You can send us emails if you like, though we can't check them very often. We'll call as soon as we can.

Christie, we miss you too buddy. Wish we could go get a falafel.


Christie said...

Thanks buddy! I miss you guys too. Congrats on the car. Suggestions for a care package?

Sharon said...

Love the car and moving pics! Can you send me your new address?
Love ya
PS sorry you missed seeing Joe but he was told that he would be in Tokyo 4x a year now! Sheesh!!