Monday, September 15, 2008

Home. Sweet. Home!

It's finally true! We have SIGNED a LEASE. We have PAID the RENT. I am HOLDING a KEY!

Okay, that last part was an embellishment. The key is in my purse, but still - I haven't had a key since June 30, and having one is a big accomplishment. The move is scheduled for tomorrow, and we love love LOVE the place.

First of all, remember Feel Wood? That was more than a month ago, and that was the first day we saw the house that is ours for the next three years. That was before we got our driver licenses, before Tokyo, before everything! Now, after renovation delays, vacation delays, inspection's finally ready! So without further ado, here it is.

The first three shots are of one of the two tatami rooms. Tatami is Japanese straw mat flooring - the mats are very thick and comfortable to walk on, but also fragile. No furniture in here! We're thinking multipurpose room - knitting, reading, or a relaxing cup of tea. This view is looking toward the back garden:

...and this is toward the courtyard. That's where I'll grow some vegetables and herbs in barrels.

The last one from this room is of the built-in storage, which I find incredibly beautiful. We'll have to choose some special pieces to display there.

Next we have something a little more utilitarian: the bathroom. In Japan, that actually means a room for baths - there is a separate room with just a toilet, and a sink outside. Here's the bath and shower room:

Can anybody tell me why, in the U.S., we poop and bathe in the same place? And keep our toothbrushes there? I like this way better.

Now let's go upstairs, where we'll find the kitchen, living room, and dining room. And oh yeah, the ocean! Three views from the living room: ocean, garden walkway, and balcony over the neighborhood.

I'll be working hard on the move for the next week or so, and we don't know yet when los internets will arrive at our new place. Send good thoughts for intact belongings.


Nadine said...

beautiful!!! I can't wait to see it for real! Congratulations!

Otenth Paderborn said...

Wooo hoo! That's great! More pictures!

Bob said...

Nice digs! Keep the pictures coming and good luck with the move.

Gram said...

Emily - I am so happy that you were able to get the place you wanted. Hooray!

Christie said...

Yeah for your new house!! It looks awesome. I'm glad things are finally really falling into place for you guys. Miss you!

EmilySullins said...

We miss you too, Christie! Thanks all for the good thoughts.