Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chicken balls

are surprisingly delicious!

I went into town with some new friends yesterday and tried tsukune yakitori for the first time. Chicken balls are, of course, meatballs made of ground chicken. What were you thinking, sicko?

We had a good time, though their search for awesome cell phones was unsuccessful. My new friends are a new band member and his family of four - Dad, Mom, and two kids. Josh and I are officially no longer the new people in the band! Too bad we're in the Lodge still. More news Monday, we hope.

We also met with a used car dealer yesterday, and we hope to get a used BMW relatively cheaply. The little Japanese cars we've been looking at are incredibly unsafe - feels like riding in a tin can - so we have agreed to pay a little more for a safer sedan. I hope this was a good move, although the dealer hasn't inspired much confidence yet. He called me by accident after midnight one night, showed up 25 minutes late to our meeting, and lost a piece of paper containing some of our financial information.

Ah, this is the life.

Update: Oh yeah! I almost forgot - last night one of our two weak burners stopped working. Unfortunately, yet somehow inevitably, this occurred in the middle of my cooking dinner. So it took two hours, but I made mashed sweet potatoes with peanut butter, topped with curried eggplant, onion, and red pepper and a couple crushed peanuts.

I know, right? Just think what I can do in with an actual kitchen.

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