Saturday, September 13, 2008

Engrish from America!

For real. What is this about?

I love Newman's Own. The salad dressing, the salsa, the charitable giving - it's a great company! And while J and I usually make our own pasta sauces, Newman's Sockarooni is a good, tasty alternative when (for example) we're stuck in a horrible hotel room with atrocious cooking facilities. It is not, however, "an intimate companion my pasta will never forget."

Seriously, what is that about? Is the sauce going to make sweet love to our whole wheat angel hair? Angel hair which apparently has acquired a memory? And will survive long enough to not forget the sauce?

This is the strangest marketing choice I've seen since, well, since the last Japanese commercial I saw.

In other news, I got my first care package in Japan! It was so great. Mom knew I had a hankerin' for some levity, and so she sent these:

and a truly depressing book which she advised I not read until I'm feeling better. Maybe I'll put glitter fairy stickers on every 50th page to lighten the mood! Also, my parents live in South Cackalackie, so I will use the word 'hankerin'' as often as I please. I reckon I might use it again in this paragraph. Hankerin'.

Josh is doing this thing where he makes fun of me for typing. He thinks I look like the fat gamer guy from the South Park World of Warcraft article when I blog. This guy:

I think he should get a care package with coal in it. Don't you?

AAAnyhoo...I had lunch yesterday at a friend's house - let's call her Dorothy. Mary Poppins and another woman were there, and Dorothy made delicious alfredo with spinach, and oven-roasted breaded veggies and chicken fingers. Oh my goodness, we had such a great time! Mary P brought blueberry cheesecake too. I am all about food!

I stopped at a florist on my way to lunch so that I could buy a host gift, and found a nice little hanging plant with pink and yellow flowers. (Dorothy and the Oz's have a balcony). Here's a bad picture, taken on the bus and down into a plastic bag:

Cute, huh? It was not expensive, not at all. But after I paid the florist, he indicated that he wanted me to wait a moment. He made me a present!

Isn't that the best thing ever? It made my whole day - well, so did the lunch, but the flowers were a good start.


Anonymous said...

I so want to know what the depressing book is! (BTW, this is Kenneth. It's easier just to leave my google identity active when I post a comment--and my google id is for my SL avatar.)

EmilySullins said...

Hey Kenneth!

It's The Pesthouse by Jim Crace. I haven't started reading it yet, but my Mom has read every book ever written and she liked it. Good enough for me!