Thursday, May 28, 2009

TTFN, Sullen-san

Okay, tantrum over. No matter the circumstances or expectations, getting rejected sucks, huh? But it's all good, and I hope whoever got that job needed and wanted it more than I did. Back to the life of leisure!

Which has been going smashingly lately, by the way. In just the past week or so I've had two knitting dates, two dinners out with Josh AND friends, a present, and a couple good cooking adventures.

For starters, on Saturday Nadine (whose husband is away) needed help moving her fridge and standup freezer, and offered to buy us dinner in exchange. Josh and I headed over and fireman-chained the frozen goods out onto the table, then he did the heavy lifting while Nadine and I alternated vacuuming the floor and distracting the baby. When I first wrote that, it said "alternated vacuuming and distracting the baby. Who needs baths?

She cried every time she saw Josh, for about the first hour! I think he needs to smile more. Ramen was delicious, and it's so much more fun doing other peoples' chores, don't you think? Nadine and I decided we'd ask each others' husbands for help around the house from now on, since they're so much more willing to help when it's not the wife asking. Good plan?

Josh had to work Sunday, so Nadine and Juju and I hung out again and, duh, I made soup. Fantastic! But Monday night we had another date, this one a long time coming - Kelsey and I have been friends for months, but our husbands are never home at the same time. So we got together for Chinese food, and had a great time.It's not as obvious in the smaller versions of the two photos below, but Mack's eyes and mine seem REALLY wide in the big pictures, and Kelsey and Josh look normal. If I had Photoshop (and/or any skills) I'd put us side by side and we'd look like the Deer in the Headlights Convention. Also my head looks enormous, but that's not the picture, that's my Irish heritage.
The food was fantastic, we all laughed all night, until we came back to our house and discovered that there is cat dander in our couch. I wonder if Mack's eyes have stopped swelling yet...oops.

Josh was off on Tuesday, so we thought we'd go do something fun - but we kind of stink at that. There's an amusement park near Fuji, but we couldn't find directions. I suggested a couple famous Japanese gardens (Sankei-en(.pdf file) and Kurihama Flower World), and Josh rolled his eyes so hard that he was looking up and to the left for the rest of the day.

We finally settled on Grandberry Mall, about 45 minutes from home. I really need some new shoes and summer clothes, but it turns out that I am too fat and big-footed for this nation. Eight is the largest shoe size for women - grr! We ate Chinese food again, egads, and then took a long leisurely walk on the seawall in front of our house. Starfish have been washing up there, and there were lots of cute babies and puppies accompanying their parents on an evening constitutional. Who needs a job?

P.S. Re: the title - you better BELIEVE I get a lot of mileage of being married into the name "Sullins." When I become Mrs. Sullen, I blame Josh. Wouldn't you?


Nadine said...

Now I see what you meant about Cinderella! i got my kitchinbooda, I'm so overwhelmed with beauty and convenience that it's still empty, I don't know where to start! thanks so much for everything xox

Nadine said...

i wrote booda but I meant boodo. ;)