Sunday, May 17, 2009


The weather is gray and windy today, but not dreary - it's that dynamic tumult that sometimes grabs the waterfront out here, making my windows and plants vibrate, looking like someone cranked up the contrast and switched off the color altogether. I have the luxury of my own laziness this afternoon, and I'm spending much of it looking out my front window. I'm a little gray and breezy myself at the moment, after a weekend of bright colors.

I had big plans for Friday, which were had all changed before lunchtime. Wendy came over for a lesson in the morning - her first tank top and cable project are coming along beautifully. (We have the best conversations, and we had lunch together the next day with her two boys.) Then I got ready to head to a great yoga class around eleven, only to turn around halfway to base and come home*. Luckily, Beth and her two girls were in my neighborhood and free for the day, so they came over.

We had so much fun. The girls are delightful even when they're cranky, and we took a long walk, played on the playground, had lunch at a ramen shop, and watched two Disney movies while one of us napped. That same one happened to stick her foot into her mama's ramen bowl, dramatically upturning broth onto the shop floor. Nice. Beth and I got to visit, talk, and knit, and it was lovely. Then that night I met Kelsey and Mack to see STAR TREK!

Oh my Goddess, I loved that movie. I want to retire to the nerdery and watch it again and again on the big screen - and just in case you're worried for my marriage, Josh already saw it in Australia.

Last night was festive, too. See, Japan is such a safe place because their laws DO NOT MESS AROUND. We're not allowed a sip of alcohol before driving here, and if I were to get caught breaking that rule, the military would revoke my visa and send me back to the U.S., sans husband. So with both of our husbands out of town, Kelsey invited me for a sleepover with movies, cookies, and copious amounts of wine. Hoo boy, that was therapeutic! I may or may not have drunk a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon all by myself, and eaten a bag of Cheetos...ahem. We had a good talk about movies, men, crazy family drama, and living with fertility problems. I'm so glad she invited me.

But now I'm home, and I'm drinking water and coffee and feeling in tune with the weather. Of those three friends, two will have moved back to the U.S. by July and the other heads home in December. I've been so lucky to find kindred spirits here so far - I hope my streak continues.

*I told my friends that I forgot my military ID (and thus couldn't get on base) but in fact I had put on a tank top and hadn't shaved my armpits. Why I'm okay publishing this to the entire damned world but too embarrassed to say it to my friends, I couldn't tell you.


SabrinaT said...

I was wondering if you would be willing to do a post specifically about living in a Japanese house? Anything and everything you could pass on would be great! Would you also post pictures of your kitchen? We will have to live in a Japanese house in Sasebo. I am SUPER excited about that, yet at the same time nervous that everything will just not fit! Thank You in advance!!

Bethanyivy said...

That is so much more interesting than "I forgot my id". I've done that befor and just walked around all day with my arms clinched to my side. Now fun at all. Your furry armpits ended up being my blessing. We loved hanging out with you. You are such a sweet friend. i am really going to miss you.

Sleep over sounds like fun. But, Cheetos and wine??? Yuck. DOesn't sound to good together. Maybe chocolate, cheese, fruit, you know...more elegant sounding snacks.

So, when's the next slumber party?

Melanie said...

Em, I am so jealous of your friends out there. I want to have a sleepover :( Miss you. See you soon though, can't wait!!!