Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On my own

Goals for the week while Josh is gone:
*Hang out with girlfriends (and see Wolverine!)
*Clean and reorganize my kitchen
*Ditto the bedroom
*Start a new knitting project
*Nail down a couple of Red Cross projects
*Eat healthy
*At least two yoga classes

Items actually accomplished since he left five hours ago:
*Eat a healthy breakfast of Cheerios and skim milk...followed by garlic cheese dip on crackers. At 9:00am.
*Read the entire Internet.
*Start a batch of homemade yogurt so I can keep eating later.
*Play MarioKart Wii and unlock a new character.

You can see how this is going to go.


clembo said...

Don't forget wine and coffee talk!

Bethanyivy said...

* Teach friend to finish her almost completed knitting project
*Teach friend to start a scarf with some kind of fun trim stuff on it
*Tell friend where to get some fun colors of soft yarn around her for her daughters scarf (pink, purple, fun green, teal - I'm thinking bright and cheery)

Man...you are one ambitious woman. Forget the organizing and cleaning. Just have fun : )

My goal is to keep us 3 girls alive and healthy and to keep all of us from getting to each other. Oh, and take a test on Thursday. Maybe get the full trash bag out of the trash can so it doesn't stink and throw it on the patio till Alex gets home.