Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dinner and a show

I'm not sure whether this is a Sullins phenomenon, but when Josh goes out of town, my social life explodes. It's a useful coping mechanism - it's much harder to get lonesome when I'm busy all the time. But there's another reason: my rut doesn't work without my husband. Josh is a homebody, and we kind of like each other, so when he's home we tend to stay in and be fat old married people together.

When he leaves?


Not counting breakfasts, I've had four consecutive meals out so far, and two more today. I've seen Wolverine (loved it! Whatever, haters) and Benjamin Button, knitted a bowl to be felted, taken yoga with a friend, and made plans for a Wii- and wine-fueled sleepover during the next band trip.

On Thursday I had my first knitting date (as opposed to a lesson) with my friend Wendy, of Cricket Paws. What a treat! We sat around in the afternoon watching a movie, knitting, and trying to keep the dogs from chewing on the yarn. I miss having pets!

Then Wendy and her older son took me out to dinner at an Indian restaurant in Zushi, where I ate too much and loved every minute of it. Have you ever had paratha, a whole wheat naan-like bread? Heaven.

And then on the way back to the car, look who we found! I don't know what kind of birds they are, but it was such a treat to see the babies. Naturally, I got an email from Josh the next day saying he'd gotten to HOLD a KOALA, but whatever. *sniff* It's fine. I think I'll plan another dinner party.


cricketspaw said...

The pic turned out great! The kids really liked you, and might I also say your chocolate sauce was divine! Great on ice cream, but I'm planning in coffee, on berries...

Bethanyivy said...

I want to see a picture of your knitted bowl. And, when is the sleepover? I can't wait!

When you have the free time, could you help me find a fun/cute scarf pattern for Hannah. I want 2-3 colors, I want it to be fun and cute, and i want it to be soft. Maybe I could make a hat to match for next winter.

babyjenks said...

glad you're keeping busy with the hubby away. those birds look like some type of swallow. especially because a lot of swallows make nests with mud. cool picture!


Jessica said...

Don't be too jealous- koalas are notorious for smelling pretty bad. :)

EmilySullins said...

Thanks all! Wendy, I'm so glad you guys liked the syrup - I'd have eaten it if it was here!

Beth, I'll send you a pic of the bowl once it's a bowl; it just looks like a lumpy hat right now because it's not felted.

Sabe, I was thinking it was a swallow too...maybe it's a rare Japanese vampire swallow. Rrrrr!

And Jess, I hear you. But I still wanna cuddle the twee widdle bear.