Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UPDATED: On the docket

Well, updated twice actually - first when I remembered an exciting chore, at the end of this post. And now again, at 9:15pm and in bold, I give you the results of my day.
I applied for a job several weeks ago, had two interviews, sent references, got my background checked, and was told to expect a call early last week. Well, it's now mid-THIS WEEK, and I haven't heard. So here's how I'll be distracting myself for the next few days:

1. Vacuum the house. (Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...) No one is going to believe me, but I really did this one. And it was disgusting.
2. Dye yarn with Kool Aid. (Thanks, Aunt Debbie!) Nope, not yet. I'm still waiting on this project, maybe for a rainy day.
3. Make some broccoli slaw. YES! This stuff is so good.
4. And maybe a raspberry cake. Everybody who cooks, go read Smitten Kitchen and wake from your slumber.
Well, I couldn't find raspberries. But strawberry buttermilk cake, made with whole wheat pastry flour, was outrageously good. According to Josh: "Best cake ever."

This one wasn't on the list, but I made it a Smitten Kitchen day and cooked two herbed zucchini tortes for dinner. Have I mentioned I love her blog?

5. Start composing a post about living in my Japanese home, with pictures. A post with pictures, not my home with pictures...blast you, sentence structure! And I didn't start this yet either. Nor did I buy any furniture. But I live to fight another day!

That ought to do it.

UPDATE: That does not do it! I forgot I want to go to Homes and buy a new piece of furniture for the dining room - something tall and slim with glass doors, to hold dishes and table linens. Kelsey, you're an inspiration.


Nadine said...

ok I have to buy buttermilk, that cake looks so amazing. Wow I can't wait. Almost worth making a second trip to the commissary today..

Kelsey said...

Well I'm flattered :) You've got quite a list there..let me know if you need any help with that cake - I mean eating it of course ;)

Kelsey said...

OMG that cake looks good, I know what I'm making this weekend!!!

EmilySullins said...

Yay! Everybody make that cake. I'm bummed we can't get whole wheat pastry flour here (and my supply is almost gone) but you can make your own buttermilk and have cake in an hour.

Becky Fowler said...

The cake looks AMAZING! I'm going to try it out this weekend!

Kelsey said...

How do you make your own buttermilk, I went to get stuff today and realized they dont sell it here!!