Monday, May 4, 2009

Good food

We've had a couple off-nights where food is concerned, this week. There was the big kahuna, and a vegetable "pie" that fell apart, and tortilla soup that was basically flavorless. (Turns out you cannot make a stock in 30 minutes, no matter what the recipe says).

But! We had one really good night, too. I mean, when four portabello mushroom caps and two cups of gruyere are involved, how bad can it be?
Last week I borrowed Vegetable Heaven by Mollie Katzen from the base library. And while the "Golden Rice Pie with Spinach Filling" and the tortilla soup didn't work out so well with me, I can't say enough about the broccoli-stuffed mushrooms. They are simplicity itself, just minced (in the food processor) onion and broccoli, sauteed, then mixed with a cup of gruyere and stuffed into mushroom caps. A handful of broccoli florets make a pretty crown on top, and then a little more cheese before the cooked caps hit the broiler. I mixed some cilantro leaves, lemon juice, and olive oil into whole wheat couscous for a base, although there are lots of less carb-y options for the South Beachers among us.
It was a delicious meal, and will be a treat on our menus in the future. Thank goodness we had one good dinner this week.


Nadine said...

sorry the other two things didn't work out.. but that man, the cook, what a disappointment it must have been. ooo.. I'm glad Mollie Katzen saved the week!

Bethanyivy said...

That look sso yummy! I'm gonna have to try it when my sweetie gets back.