Friday, May 15, 2009

New toy, and 36 hours of marriage

I know I'm not single when Josh is gone, just for the record. And it turns out that my husband, who hadn't ever heard of a trunk show, has a vivid and dirty imagination.

Josh got home Wednesday night around eleven, and left again this morning (Friday) at 5:00. This trip is only for a few days, and doesn't involve any major travel, but, you know, here I go again on my own. The Star Trek movie, lots of lunches out, and a sleepover are all on the docket. During the rest of the time? I'm going to be sitting at home, staring at our new bookshelf.Isn't it beautiful?
It was even beautiful empty, when the lovely delivery men carried it up the stairs and into our living room yesterday.
Josh and I picked this baby out about six months ago at a Japanese department store called Homes. But it was a little expensive - if bookshelves were cars, this might be an upper-range Toyota. All the other furniture we've ever bought was used or, well, Ikea. But ever since moving to Japan we've been looking for nice pieces to commemorate our time in Asia, and this is step one.

Still, we walked away, put it out of our minds, and lived in our disorganized house for half a year. Then last week we went back, and decided to take the plunge. God, I love this thing - but I'm not a designer. Any ideas for making it look even better? Suggestions to purchase another one for balance will be given particular consideration.


clembo said...

It's beautiful! And you have it arranged very well already. What fun!

The Accidental Housewife said...

I really like it! I'm looking for something like this for our nursery. I'm a used car furniture buyer too - hopefully Ikea will have something like it!