Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ticket to ride...again!

Y'all, it's ridiculous. I like Japan, I live in town, I made rice with hijiki sea vegetable* and tofu for dinner tonight. And yet, in my first year-ish living here, I will have made three visits home.

But I can't wait for the second one! (The first was to my folks' in February, the third will be for the, ahem, wedding of my big brother in September!) I just bought Josh and me tickets to the West Coast for July - I'll leave a little earlier and visit Melanie in the Bay Area, and then we'll meet up in Seattle to visit his family and our friends Christie&Nate, Irish&Steve.

In less than two months I'll be holding my nephew(ish) Nason, having lunch in the Monterey sunshine (ha!) with my best friend, and then knitting with Irish and hugging my grandmas in Washington. Life is good.

*I just learned that "seaweed" is a pejorative. I have to worry about seaweed's feelings now.


Nadine said...

Cool! Hey btw, if you find all the meanings of sake, let me know, I'm all confused now...

Bethanyivy said...

Have you ever played the board game Ticket to Ride? It's fun. We should play it sometime.

I've been home 3-4 times too. Don't feel bad. It's ok to enjoy Japan AND enjoy visiting family. It helps you enjoy Japan even more if it is broken up a bit with family.

Melanie said...

Nason and I can't wait to see you!! So exciting! Getting caught up on my favorite blog now :)