Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yo-ko-skah Navy Rodge*

Ugh, y'all. Ugh.

I am so tired of being in this place! We got new neighbors sometime last week - they're in the room which shares an interior door with ours. Of course it's bolted on both sides, but there's a little space below the door so sound carries through. I should mention that we never had trouble with noise before this family moved in. Ugh.

I haven't met them, but there are at least a couple small children and a woman in there. I know about the kids because of the persistent, percussive screaming between 4 and 8am daily, and I know about the woman because of the occasional "YOU MEAN YES, MA'AM! NOT YES! YES MAAAAAAAA'AAAAAAAAMMM!"

So I didn't sleep at all between 3:00 am and 8:30 this morning, and I have felt like warmed up doof all day. I finally ate a piece of bread about an hour ago (2:30 pm) and napped for an hour, but I really, really hope the Smonses next door can keep quiet tonight.

We heard from the realtor today - heard from him, that is, when Josh rode his bike over there and demanded an update. We should know either way about the house we want on Monday afternoon! Holy crap, we might actually get to live in a place of our own sometime this fall!

Maybe I'll pray about it tonight, at 3, with a chorus of shreiks for background.

*The "su" syllable is not prounounced; it's kind of swallowed up in the rest of the word. Also they don't distinguish between R and L sounds in Japanese, so 'L' words end up sounding like 'R's. Tee hee!

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