Friday, August 22, 2008

God Bless...Television

I spend a lot of time watching it these days. As great as the Olympics and the four-year-old episodes of Bones and The Practice are, I'm missing Netflix something awful.

What are you watching?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

I'm glad Larry mentioned that you have a blog--I went and found it via Facebook, and here I am! (I've been reading for a few days via my RSS feed reader.)

It's funny, but I've been watching hardly any television this summer. I'm housesitting, and the TV is in the bedroom, so I can't multitask and watch TV. Funny how little on TV is compelling enough for me to want to set aside time to watch it. The other factor is that they don't have the scifi channel, so there go most of the programs I am interested in sitting down to watch.