Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eye Key Uh

OMG, I love Ikea. Love Ikea. Looooovvvve Ikeeeeeeeea. Love it.

Mary Poppins (remember her?) met me at Starbucks this morning and drove us to Ikea in Yokohama, and we had a blast. I managed to spend almost 5,000 yen (about 50 bucks) on little things to have in our stupid Lodge room - a non-serrated chef's knife, for example, and a ladle. It was so much fun?

And did you know they have real food at Ikea? I had poached salmon over chopped potatoes and onions, with bernaise sauce on top, plus bread and bottled water (bad Emily!) for less than eight bucks. Amazing.

So a good day today, one more day down with no word on the house. Counting the hours until Friday!

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