Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The food

In order to make up for my sushi whining yesterday, here are some photos of the truly beautiful, delicious sushi we've had since we arrived.

First of all, this is the sushi-go-round. That's the sushi chef there, standing in the middle of the room preparing maki (rolled sushi), nigiri (fish on rice), and whatever else people ask for. He will both make something a customer has requested and hand it to them AND will make a variety of tasty dishes, which he sets on a conveyor belt. All the seats are along the conveyor, and the customers just grab whatever they want. In the bottom right is a box of green tea bags and a little hot water spout. Tea is free - I love it.

This is probably the most recognizable to Americans - the lovely tekka maki. It's yummy raw tuna rolled in sushi rice and nori seaweed. The difference here is that the sushi chef applies the wasabi paste inside the maki. There is sometimes still wasabi going around for those who want extra, but using it can be considered gauche.

Nigiri Maguro! This is tuna on rice, sometimes with a little wasabi in between. Grab with chopsticks, dip in shoyu, eat all in one bite. Incidentally, the price of the sushi is indicated by the color of the plate - those two pieces cost less than $2.50.

This is just for Tnua Arabrab - food with suckers on it. I actually don't mind ika, or raw baby squid. It's a little chewy, but it has a sweet flavor.

If the squid didn't gross you out, then bubble tea should. Josh loves it - it's a sweet, milky drink with balls of tapioca schlumping around in the bottom - ick!

And last but certainly not least, I want to assure all my friends back home that I have, in fact, eaten french fries since my arrival. They call them "poh-tay-toh" with "ketch-chup-pa" for dipping. Delish!

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Bob said...

Well, that sounds better. The sushi makes me even more excited about my first visit to Japan! I'll even try the bubble tea. Keep the updates coming, and have a great time.