Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A member of the lei-lo tribe

I haven't left the base in a couple days. Not by design - it's just been really hot and humid, and Josh has been working full time this week, so I've been hanging around the lodge, the gym, and unfortunately having to shop for groceries almost every day.

Ever tried to feed two people out of a mini-fridge? Sucks.

Speaking of food, I have to recommend "Best Brussels Sprouts" from the seemingly defunct blog Shmooed Food. The title is truth in advertising - I'd never liked brussels sprouts until I tried this recipe, and it ROCKED my WORLD. I can't get fresh ones here right now, so I've been parcooking frozen ones in the microwave before sauteeing them according to the Shmooed recipe. It is wicked good. If you're not vegan, you can substitute honey for the sugar, and the sprouts themselves have a lot of folate, vitamin C, and fiber. Bon appetit!

Josh and I had them for dinner tonight, along with veggie burgers, and now we are playing on our computers and watching a DVD. We are so cosmopolitan.

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Joshua said...

these brussels sprouts are amazing even with frozen ones! Emily is the best chef.