Tuesday, August 5, 2008

House hunting 1.0

Yesterday morning Josh and I attended the first of many meetings for the week – a housing brief. Well, I should say HE attended it – so many people showed up that they kicked out all the spouses and made us wait outside while they got the info on off-base housing.

It’s pretty crazy. We want to live off-base so we can really enjoy Japan and not just eat at Chili’s and shop at the Navy commissary. After our shopping and lunch excursion yesterday we were really excited about getting immersed into the culture, but this morning left us both intimidated. You’d think they would have clear-cut, understandable procedures for all of this, but you’d be wrong – the “brief” consisted of an hour and a half of broken English and a small packet of papers.

So we chose three potential houses, each about 1000 square feet, to look at this week. Our first appointment is on Wednesday at 5pm – wish us luck! If we can find a place with room for our bed, the piano, and some kind of oven, we’ll be ahead of the game.


clembo said...

Maybe that will be your new calling - simplifying real estate for Navy families!
Keep up the good work.

Sharon said...

Sooooo Are these 3 houses on base or off? Send pics! Love the blog and being able to keep up with you! BIG HUGS

OH and Erike goes to Maine tomorrow...her first solo trip cross country!


EmilySullins said...

Ah yes, the houses are all off base! We've seen a couple good ones but haven't found The One yet.