Thursday, August 21, 2008


Let me just get it out of the way – no, there is no news on the house. We know what we want, it’s just sitting there waiting for us, but the realtor hasn’t come through with a price. Please keep your fingers crossed.

That said, I went out today and bought this

which came in this.

I usually decline plastic bags and use nylon bags of my own, but the yarn shop owner wasn’t taking no for an answer. The bag is hilarious - it’s a disposable piece of plastic which will probably end up in the ocean, it has a picture of a teddy bear, and it’s covered in slogans like “Life is graceful when you sit in time ticking slowly,” and “Calm your mind. Don’t forget. Small nature is next to you,” and my personal favorite “It comforts you when you are down and gently untangles your tense feelings.”

Next stop was the food market. I got all of this

because I wanted to make homemade ramen. Did I have a recipe? Noooooo. Could I find one on the internet? See for yourself. There are a billion recipes for crappy food made from instant ramen, but everybody (except me) knows better than to make the real thing for yourself. Still, I came up with this:

Looks like the other ramen, doesn’t it?

But did it taste like it?


It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. Next time I’m going out for the stuff.

Now, remember those tiny peppers from the picture? The two dozen of them that I bought? Here they are again.

Allow me to present to you a photo essay entitled “How Hot Art Thine Peppers”:

Yeah, how hot am I? HOT.

Sooo…I could only use two of them in the whole pot of ramen. Anybody need some hot peppers?


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