Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barbie's new beau has a flaw

What an event! This morning at approximately 8:20, I received a telephone call. On my Japanese cell phone.

From the United States of America.

Holy smokes! That's the first one, and according to Melanie, it was easy as pie. What a treat to have my cell phone ring and hear her voice at the other end of the line.

It isn't perfect - there was a little bit of a delay, and call quality was medium, but seriously? For my cell phone to get a call from her cell phone, thousands of miles and an ocean away, at about fifteen cents per minute? It was pretty darn good. Email me if you want the name of the calling card company she used - you buy the card online and they email you a toll-free number and PIN right away.

Oh, and the title of this post? It's what I think would come out of a round of the telephone game, if the starting phrase was what I made for dinner tonight.

Any guesses?


Melanie said...

Nice post Em, hope your phone starts ringing off the hook, or battery :) You have me stumped on the telephone game I think. It's going to bug me now. I'm going to walk around today going "Barbie snubo? no. Barbecued soup bow? no."

Bethanyivy said...

BBQ Coleslaw?
Artichoke crab claw?

Nadine said...

I'll ask John what he thinks. To me, you ate Barbie's new beau...

clembo said...

Some kind of cole slaw? Enquiring minds want to know!