Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On baking

1. Whole wheat pastry flour is the food of the gods, and should be available in military commissaries.

2. I need a kitchen timer.

3. Roasted banana cake still smells good when it's overcooked.

4. If dishes had any self-respect, they would learn to wash themselves.

Also, did you know that the Army has outlawed pit bulls? As pets on Army bases, and I guess probably in baking too.


John C said...

You can request items at the office of the commissary. Maybe they would get it! I wanted to request something and I forget what (I need it so much that I don't remember what it is.. :)
Banana cakes sound great!

John C said...

ok that's not from John C, that's from me, Nadine. I didn't realize that it's connected to gmail. oops!

EmilySullins said...

Shoot, I thought I had an interested new reader John C. :) I will request the flour and cross my fingers! And I'll try to remember to bring you banana cake on Thursday.

Oops, our personal operational security is compromised. I announced to the world that I'll see you on Thursday. DOOM!