Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fair winds and following seas

Perhaps the biggest drawback to Navy life is, of course, also one of its biggest perks: I get to meet and make friends with new, exciting, diverse people - and then one of us has to move away. Sadly, that second part (which is the drawback, in case you were stymied by my nonparallel structure there) was on the docket tonight.The bigger one is Gresh, a sax player and real asset to the music program here in Yokosuka. The little fella is Rory, who was just warming up to me. And by "warming up" I mean he had finally stopped screaming when I entered a room. I think of him as RRRRRRRRRORY! because we like to make dinosaur sounds and claws at each other. I match wits with toddlers.Look how big Justine has gotten!

The big band is away, and there's another drawback! Josh couldn't be here to see our friends off. So Nadine, John, Justine and I went to dinner with the Laings on this their last night. They requested this little Thai place near the main gate - how unfair that they had only discovered it this week!

Seriously, the food there is incredible. It's a little pricey at a couple thousand yen apiece, which is actually pretty median for Japan, but the food is unbelievable. We all ordered enough for an army, including shared dishes of spring rolls, spicy squid, vegetables in oyster sauce, green curry, glass noodles with shrimp and sprouts, and my personal favorite: coconut milk chicken soup. HOLY MACKEREL. It was so good. How is it that delicious food can turn a sad occasion into a tender moment?

We had such a nice time. Oh, and there was a little romance in the air.G.K. took time for a prolonged goodbye with wee Justine, which was so cute I died.

Living in Asia is a real challenge, even more so if you've got a couple of kids under five. This family, more than most, is due a nice, easy tour and a break from deployment and foreignness. I'm grateful for their friendship, Kate's in particular, and if we must say goodbye, I can't imagine a better reason than to see our friends head home. Farewell.

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