Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Laid up

My house is a petri dish. Poor Josh had a really rough night on Sunday, and we spent the better part of Monday in the ER. He's better during the day (especially with IV fluids plus some sleep-inducing anti-nausea meds) but still pretty darn miserable all night. Fingers crossed that antibiotics will kill whatever nasty Korean bug is doing this to him.

So not much going on around these parts, these days. I have made some exciting strides in knitting but I can't share them until I give my new project to its intended recipient. Hint: she's a baby who no longer cries when she sees me! Photos and updates to come.

For now I'm off to procure some more crackers, bananas, and Gatorade. And vitamin C - I hope I don't get whatever this thing is.

1 comment:

clembo said...

I hope Josh is better already!
Miss talking to you. Kauai is beautiful and strange.
Hope to catch up with you soon.