Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wii Fit...into only our fat clothes

But wii're working on it! I LOVE the Wii Fit, y'all. Then again, I generally love any new exercise for the first week or so, so who knows whether this one will last. But having it in my living room, ready to go any time, is great motivation. No need for fancy workout clothes or even shoes, and I can go at my own pace and shower when I'm done. The games are fun - ski slalom is a favorite - and the hula hoops are the best aerobic workout, even though it's supposed to be for balance. I like the thing, and I think I'll buy one.

I know some of you out there have this system, and I have a question for you: how long have you owned it, and how often do you use it now? I'm concerned that the novelty will wear off and I'll stop wanting to play/exercise after a couple months, so is it worth the cost? It's really fun now, when I unlock something new every day, but does that last?


Kelsey said...

This is Mack. Great title. Seriously, loved it.

Nadine said...

Hi Emily!
I used mine everyday for one month, then my sister came to visit, John left, Juju changed, something else changed :), and now I sleep instead of use it. I am planning on doing yoga when I get back from Canada in September. Who knows, maybe before. But it stayed fun because I got better at the games, I lost weight, etc.. Enjoy, it's a great!

Jessica said...

My mom has one and she uses it with great regularity. It kind of guilt-trips you, by asking where you've been if you miss a few days. But she's had it at least 6 months now and is still going strong! You can do it!

Larry said...

Sonja and I used it for about two weeks, but as the advance workouts unlocked we quickly ran out of space in our very small living room. Once we move we plan on getting back into the routine.

I’ve also heard that Nintendo is working on the second edition that will allow you to connect with friends and family and create custom workout sessions.

Amanda R. said...

We have also thought about buying one. My sister-in-law and her husband have one and love it. She stopped using it when she got pregnant; however, she now uses it daily in hopes of shedding her baby weight.

When it comes down to it, I think it's like any other gadget we buy. We get really excited about it, use it all the time, etc. until the novelty wears off.