Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, it doesn't itch anymo- zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The mosquitoes in Japan LOVE me, and they are doozies. Whenever I get a bite, which is frequently during the summer and fall, it swells up into a hot, angry, red welt the size of a half a tennis ball and stays that way for a couple days. I got the inaugural two of the season earlier this week, and ouch.

So I have some fantastic lavender balm from Blue Moon Lavender in Sequim, Washington, where Josh's family lives. This stuff is amazing; it's gentle and natural, smells great, and it really relieves itch. But the bites were still driving me nuts, so I found a tube of Benadryl cream and put a dab on each bite.

Guys, I was asleep within a half an hour.

It was 2:00 in the afternoon. There was bright sunlight streaming in the windows. There was loud construction on two houses on my block. And I KONKED OUT on the couch, fully clothed, for two hours. I know I'm sensitive to antihistamines, but really? LOTION?

Le sigh.

Maybe I was just tired, maybe it's a coincidence. But there is a pretty good chance that I am the biggest wimp who ever lived. And that I'll never need a prescription for Ambien - but if you see me smearing anti-itch cream on my forehead like Jimi Hendrix did with acid, go ahead and stage an intervention.


Ells said...

wow, lotion knocked you out?! That is sensitivity indeed!

I saw your comment on Bye Bye Pie and headed over because you said your husband is in the Navy Band... my dad is too (DC). Also I am married to a soldier, although not a band member. :) And then I read some of your fun posts about whole foods and veggies and liked them. :) And THEN you mentioned Andi, who I know from living in Italy! Love how that little rabbit trail of blog-surfing brought me around to someone I know (and love! What a gal!). Thanks for the fun posts, and the link to Andi!


EmilySullins said...

That is crazy, Ells! If we really got into it, we're probably related. :) Thanks for reading, and for following the breadcrumbs!

cricketspaw said...

Hey, Emily, those J-bites are super itchy!! Maybe if I could smear benedryl all over my whole body, Jose could wake me up when the house is all set up at our next place...

Andi said...

ELLS AND EMILY...How crazy!