Saturday, June 13, 2009

Look out! He's right behind you!

For summer leave this year, Josh and I talked about going to Hawaii, Bali, or Thailand, maybe Australia or even India. We've never had a real vacation, only visited family, and I think it's about time. I started pricing trips and found some deals and nice resorts, and got really excited. Guess where we ended up picking?

Sequim, Washington.

That's right, folks, scenic Sequim: home of the lavender festival, a mega-Costco, and the elder Sullinses and Burns! We are, yet again, visiting family during our break.

Which is lovely! Josh's parents and grandmother are wonderful, and it will have been a year since we visited, so it will be great to see them and catch up. Still, Sequim isn't Bali, and the main purpose of our trip is to get Josh's eyes burned off. That's right, folks, it's surgery time. No more glasses for Mr. S., beginning this July. Woot!

So in advance of his surgery Josh has to get a bunch of tests done here in Yoko, including one which required hyper-dilation of his pupils. He looked like a scary doll for two days, and he kept sneaking up on me and opening his eyes rrreeeeeaaalllly wide - why do boys love scaring girls so much? Anyway, I give you Scary Josh:

No Bali this year, but my man will be able to see on his own for the first time. I'm sure he won't use this new power for evil.

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