Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A couple updates

Y'all, it's been a crazy month. There was a pepperoni obsession (and the ensuing weight gain), there was nudity , gardening , a sleepover, and karaoke, even! And putting all those links in here is really annoying, so I'm going to stop.

Still, despite my best efforts to update this puppy, a few things have slipped through the cracks. Let's rectify that, shall we? Take the pepperoni: did I mention I made amazingly delicious pizza out of the last few dozen slices? Well I did, and boy. Did anyone tell me how good pepperoni pizza was during my unfortunate sabbatical from omnivoritude? Cause I don't think they did. Of course I made a veggie pizza too, for my husband, who keeps checking my fingerprints to make sure I'm his real wife and not some meat-eating replacement.

A little later in the month, I made my first drive to and from Narita airport, as I mentioned, to send my knitting student Wendy and her family back off to the U.S. of A. What I didn't mention was that before she left, Wendy completed her first knitted garment! After several months of working together on lace, cables, and washcloth after washcloth, we bested most of the big hits of beginner knitting. Here she is with the inaugural Gomez Garment!I miss my girl already! Oh, and when I returned the rental car I left my water bottle in it, and the rental company can't find it. Me and water bottles are like, uh, Klingons and Romulans. (That part was Josh's contribution).

So that's what you've missed in June. Can you believe it's almost July 2009? I can't. I'll be spending most of July on the old Left Coast of the U.S., visiting my sister Melanie and Josh's parents, so there will be significantly less dried octopus on this little corner of the Internets.

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Bethanyivy said...

It is beautiful! Keep up the awesome work (and thanks to an awesome teacher : )