Friday, June 26, 2009


So I made it back. No arrest, no accident, and our car is officially legal for the next two years. Still, what a stressful morning!

The on-base Vehicle Registration Office is incredibly helpful. Yesterday they gave me a good map and directions to the Yokohama office, and a breakdown of the fees I'd have to pay in yen cash. However, I misread the note and thought I'd need about six thousand yen. Missed a one there, though, and I actually needed thirteen thousand, plus tolls. So once I finally found the right offices, parked the car, got an inspection, navigated the bureaucracy, and got the new registration, I had about four hundred yen to my name.

That's about four dollars. Imagine finding yourself about ninety minutes from home with four dollars in your wallet, at lunchtime. Credit cards don't work, ATMs don't accept your card - ANNOYING! I counted out the coins for the tolls I'd face, and then used my 400 yen to buy a bottle of water and a couple onigiri to tide me over. And then I drove home and passed out for about an hour and a half.

This early retirement is making me soft, people. I still managed to have a coffee with Nadine this afternoon, which was lovely, play some borrowed Wii Fit (thanks Kelsey!) and make some zucchini strand spaghetti from, where else, Smitten Kitchen for dinner. And now I'm off to bed again, to prepare for another trying day of leisure.

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