Friday, July 24, 2009


We arrived in Yokosuka last night around 7:00, home by 7:45 and in bed not long after that. We'd been traveling for twenty hours including a nine and a half hour flight, two buses, a taxi, a friend's car, and last of all the QE2. We both slept well until about 4:00 this morning, and I've been catching up on the Internet and tidying up ever since.

About those miracles, though: it's like a miracle to come home after a long trip. I didn't see much of the house last night, but just sleeping in the A/C next to my husband, in our bed, was heaven. This morning I've just been opening cabinets and drawers and running my fingers over our things, in awe. Nearly every single thing in this house is something Josh, I, or we wanted and got, or were given in love from someone dear to us. Other people's dear things have been a great comfort to both of us during our travels, but nothing compares to home. Even when it's so far away from home.

Still, we need bread and milk and vegetables, an A/C unit is malfunctioning and it seems the rainy season has not been good for some of my plants - despite Kelsey's valiant efforts! I'm off to tackle some of those pesky chores today, and likely fall back into bed not long after 8:00 again.

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Melanie said...

Yeah for your own stuff!! I feel you there, that was me after our trip to FL. So nice to be at your home. We a thing on our window-sill, how do you write windowsill?, that says "Home is where the navy sends you". True for both of us for now. Love you. Glad you are home.