Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chilly Cali

I haven't even been in California for almost a week, but I can't stop thinking about it. Having a friend like Melanie is one of those gifts in life, the ones you know you don't deserve but can't imagine living without, like electricity, or Democrat parents. Ha! Seriously, I love that girl so much, and we had a great time every single day.

Here are some shots from my last day in Marina, last Wednesday. Mel and I bundled up the baby and headed for the famous Pebble Beach drive, a little less than an hour from her house. First, two pics from my "don't drop him!" series.
These were taken at the Lone Cypress, the symbol of Pebble Beach. It's several hundred years old, and gorgeous.Thanks, random German tourists, for capturing the shot!

A little further down we found a harem of seals (yes! it's called a harem!), lounging on the beach and rocks. They cracked us up.

And in a matter of moments, everybody on the beach decided to cool off in the surf for a bit. SPLASH!

You may notice we had lots of time to take pretty pictures and enjoy the scenery. This was due to Melanie's incredibly consciencious son Nason, who slept through the entire ride. He missed the seals, but the ladies got to talk and enjoy the ride, instead of switching off sitting in the back and singing while getting motion sickness. Thanks fella!

After the drive we stopped in Carmel for lunch, where we had California in a nutshell: roasted garlic, goat cheese, olives, and an artichoke. No wine, alas, but the food was fantastic. Nason even got to eat - another bottle! He's a champ, switching between nursing and bottlefeeding beautifully.Mel got to handle one of those less-glamorous parts of motherhood while I finished up the food.By the end of the day, we were all tuckered out. We managed to rally for a nice dinner in Monterey, though. Whoops! I mean:
Now I'm in Washington, loving my in-laws' and friends' hospitality, recovering from an unexpected Pacific Northwest sunburn, and counting down to Josh's laser surgery. More photos and stories, I promise. Until then, cute:


Kelsey said...

Hey girl! So glad to see you having a good time, even if selfishly I can't wait for you to get back!

clembo said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for the update. I'm missing you, too!

cricketspaw said...

What a cute baby! You two almost look like you could be sisters. Emily, you are so close but soooo far away! Sometime, come to San Diego and see us :)